DOB: May 12, 2019

Sire: Noble-Springs Brigham Dekker
SS: Willow-Lane Brigham
SD: Noble-Springs MFS Daphne

Dam: SGCH Pleasant-Grove Won Gold Medal
DS: *B des-Ruhigestelle All For Won
DD: CH Pleasant-Grove Cobra Magnet
Ober-Boerd Gold Medal Finish
Ober-Boerd Gold Medal Moment
Finish and Moment are daughters of our foundation Saanen, Medal.  We have been very
blessed that Medal has been generous with having doe kids, and this year she upped the
ante by having two (along with her first-ever buck kid too!)  We see so many similarities in
body type and style, along with good strength and substance in both Finish and Moment.  
Finish is a shade longer in bone pattern, yet Moment is a touch wider throughout, but both
being very similar.  I love their wide, flat, and long rumps along with beautiful front ends
and feet & legs.  They will be an exciting pair to watch mature.  They were 1st and 2nd Jr
Kids at the highly competitive Indiana State Fair and Moment earned a restricted leg at
the Defiance Co Fair as well!

Due to their young age, I will be keeping both of them dry for 2020.
Finish (2019)
Moment (2019)
Dam: Medal