DOB: March 5, 2006
LA:  86 VVVV (2 Year-Old, First Freshener)

Sire: Ober-Boerd Challenger
    SS: FDF-Pleasant-Fields Alex
    SD: GCH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Tornado
Dam: Ober-Boerd Garnet  90 EEVV
    DS: +*B Catoico's Lex Luther
    DD: FDF-Pleasant-Fields Bridgette
Ober-Boerd Gabrielle
Gabrielle was a special doe.  She was rarely beaten as a junior doe, both as a
kid and as a dry yearling.  He more notable year was as a dry yearling, when
she was the 2nd place and Reserve Champion at the 2007 ADGA Nationals.  
She freshened quite well, and had many firsts and even a milking leg in 2008.  
She was the 4th place 2 year-old at the National show as well.  Unfortunately
we sold her as a 3 year-old (okay, a big mistake-but cuts were needed at the
time) and even worse-we never got a daughter from her.  We will be using her
son Goliath (sired by Prince) in the future via AI.  We used him live in the fall
of 2010, and his first kids on the farm are everything we could hope for-and
then some!  They greatly resemble Gabrielle in body style and type-hopefully
they follow her footsteps in their future years as well!