DOB: March 7, 2010
LA: 2 Yr  87 VVVE

Sire: Ober-D'Rainbow TR Winchester
SS: Ober-D'Rainbow Troubeaudor  88 VEE
SD: Ober-D'Rainbow BAK Matutina
Dam: CH New Dreams Jubilee
DS: *B White-Haven Big Hunk
DD: SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee  90 VEVE
CHNew Dreams W Decadent Jubilee
"Deca" is a three year-old that was brought into the herd in a trade with New Dreams to bring in
some new genetics through a new doe line.   I really admire how she walks very uphill, and has
short, tight pasterns.  I appreciate her smoothness of blending in the front-end, and her strength
of brisket as well.  Deca freshened with an amazing udder, that is exemplary in overall area of
attachment.  I really appreciate the extension and smoothness of fore udder as well as ideal medial
and teat placement.  Even though she only had a single buck, she showed well throughout the
2012 show season, making up part of my strong trio of 2 year-olds (Viento and Tsunami.)  I look
forward to another year of maturity and development, and hopefully getting her third and final
leg to finish her championship in 2013!

ADGA National Show Placings:
2010 Louisville: 10th Place Int. Kid, All American Int Kid
2011 West Springfield:
10th Place Dry Yearling, Res All American Dry Yearling

Deca is bred to: Ober-Boerd Breakout.
Paternal Sisiters:
CH New Dreams Tripoly
SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion  91 VVEE
CH New Dreams Fudge Frosting  89 EEEE
2010 4th Place Sr. Get of Sire
Pictures courtesy of New Dreams
Deca-Dry Yearling
Photo Courtesy Tri-State DGA
Deca- Int Kid
Deca- 2 Year Old
Deca- Dry Yearling
Deca: 2 Year-Old
Deca- 3 Year Old