DOB: January 31, 2002
LA: 86 VE+V (2 YO)

Sire: +B FDF-Pleasant-Fields Windman
SS: +*B SG Destiny-Farm Watchman
SD: GCH Destiny-Farm Wendy
Dam: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Macaroon Julep  88 VEVV
DS: One*Oak*Hill Pecan Macaroon
DD: One*Oak*Hill Tom Jersey
SGCH Rachelsie Southern Breeze
Breeze (Breezer) is an 11 year-old, and she is pictured above at 9 and dry.  As a 2 year-old, Breezer earned her
permanent championship, and was the 9th place 2 year-old at the 2004 ADGA National Show.  She cannot be
shown anymore in the milking classes, due to a bout with mastitis in 2006, but she continues to leave her
mark in the show ring through her offspring.  Breezer has passed along wonderful general appearance and
dairyness, but most of all, excellent mammary systems in her offspring.  Breezer's daughters showed
exceptionally well at the 2010 ADGA National Show!  Rumba (dry yearling) was 2nd place and Reserve Jr
Champion!  Eclipse was 7th place 2 year-old.  Bree was 5th place 4 year-old.  But her 3 year-old daughters
stole the show.  Twins Lilly and Laila were both in the top 4, with Laila being 4th/3rd Udder, and Lilly 1st/1st
Udder, along with being the 2010 ADGA National Grand Champion and Reserve Best Udder!  Lilly and Laila
teamed to win 1st place Produce of Dam!  Her daughters decided to do one better in 2011.  Bree won 2011
National Champion/Best Udder, and Lilly won National Reserve Champion.  The two of them paired to once
again win the Produce of Dam Class for Breezer!

Breezer is bred to Ober-Boerd Terror.  ALL doe kids will be retained.  
Breeze: 2 Year-Old
Breeze Produce: Lilly & Bree
Breeze Produce: Faith & Juli
Daughter: GCH Eclipse
Daughter: GCH Bree
2010 National Show 1st Place Produce of Dam
GCH Laila (4th/3rd Udder) GCH Lilly (1st/1st Udder)
2011 National Show 1st Place Produce of Dam
GCH Lilly (1st/1st Udder) GCH Bree (1st/1st Udder)
Reserve Nat'l Champion,   National Champion
Profile- 9 Years
Rear Udder: 2 Years